Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shrimp Farts

So yeah, I decided to start a blog. The name?? Well I just took my favorite vegetable and my favorite 'adult' site and there ya go. Maybe I will post corn dish recipes, maybe I won't.

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for me. I traveled with a few of my friends 2 hours to go to Sonic, then we opted to check out a show while we were in town. (Or vice versa) I saw my first used 'adult' magazine and video store. I was confused, but after I thought about it, it's a really good thing they've got going on. Who doesn't want to buy used magazines that were spanked on by some creature you've never seen or had tested for the HIV? Goldmine!!!

So this show we checked out was headlined by Brand New. I have liked this band for some time now, and have never saw them live. You see, at 24, and growing up listening to punk rock, sometimes other "punks" will give you shit for listening to bands that are popular or "sellouts" or actually make a living off of their music. I used to have this mentality too until a few years ago when I realized being jaded isn't cool. I'm not going to be embarrassed to listen to any band regardless of other people's labels they stick on them. If I like the Jonas brothers, I will listen to them and be fucking proud of it! A good song is a good song. Right? So I caught Brand New for the first time, and I have to say they did their job as entertainers. They played their set well, had kind words for the crowd and were into it like they loved it, not like a choreographed dance routine with synchronized jumps and crazy pyrotechnics. A solid band, even though their singer seems a little weird from the stories I've heard about him, but hey anyone can be made out to be an asshole. I don't really care, he probably is. So while I'm there I was speculating and noticed there were quite a few 'punk rock' kids at this show. Which I think it's cool when younger kids are at a Brand New show and their like "Sweet Lawrence Arms tat." That's awesome. Maybe the judgments that were passed on my musical taste a few years ago don't exist anymore, or maybe, just maybe these youngsters don't give a shit what other people think, and like what they like. Or maybe they just got dragged out by their hipster girlfriend who's got a crush on the singer.

The car ride home was very entertaining. Someone had the "shrimp farts" and wouldn't fess up. And we stopped 3 or 4 times to pee and attempt to buy beer and pee and...What a night!